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Below you can find more information on how to register for a HOA Tournament

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Kansas Networks Volleyball Club is a Topeka based umbrella club for independent teams wanting to Network together and play in the Heart of America region of USA Volleyball.


Most of the Team duties and decisions are up to the individual teams. This results in a variety of team goals and personality's. The strength of the club is our ability to network to help each other reach our individual goals. We hope that this format will result in more opportunities for kids to play and enjoy youth volleyball at every level


Kansas Network Volleyball Club strives to connect players and teams. KNVBC does not organize teams or tryouts as this is a team level responsibility. Individual teams who submit their info to the club will have their information posted on our website and social media to further the reach of the individual team.

HOA Tournament Registration.

Go to, choose registration, then click on HOAOnline and log in.

Click on "Set Current/Add New Team".

Afterwards, click on the ****1 button on the left.

You will go back to the main menu but there will be more options.

Under "Current Team Management" click on "Enter Tournament".

You will be able to choose your teams age, division (Gold and/or Silver) and a date.

The available tournaments will then show up.

Please click on the appropriate age division, i.e. F11 Silver.

Afterwards click on ok.

This will take you to a new screen.

Click on the name of the tournament under Event.

A .pdf file will open up.

You will need to print the pdf, sign it and send it in with a check to the tournament director.


Don't wait to do this!  First come first serve, that means it's who pays first, not who does the on-line entry first!


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